Kristian Krämer joins Danish Sound Network

2018-04-30T11:56:25+00:0012 February, 2018|

We look forward to welcoming Kristian Krämer to the team as Head of Projects and Internationalisation, beginning March 1st.

Kristian has more than 10 years of experience in running innovation networks, cluster development initiatives and developing national and international projects. He comes from a background as Head of Interactive Denmark and Project Portfolio Manager at Filmby Aarhus. Before that, he worked as a Senior Digital Business Strategist at the Alexandra Institute.

Kristian’s responsibilities will include project development, cooperative relations and fundraising.

The addition of Kristian Krämer will add to the continued effort to strengthen Danish Sound Network’s international reach and capabilities on behalf of our members.

If you have project ideas, want to plan a business mission or need to know more about EU funding, contact Kristian from March 1st.

We look forward to adding Kristian to the team, as a sparring partner and colleague. We hope that you will think of him likewise and utilise the opportunities that comes with adding a strong profile like Kristian to our organisation.