Music as Medicine

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Download the white paper "Music Intervention In Healthcare"

Despite an increased activity in both research- and especially the business area within this field, the efforts made to establish a mapping of collective research results have seem uncoordinated at best.

The project was therefore launched to measure the status quo and thus raise the level of our collective knowledge in the field "Music as Medicine". Moreover the project will in a future perspective be able to identify the most valuable focus of potential innovation projects within “Assistive Technologies”, which one of the network’s 5 focus areas.

The first step is to commence a project that aims to provide an overview of the topic "Music as Medicine". The project deliverables are therefore a white paper and a knowledge-sharing event.

The white paper will on a quantitative basis to explain:

1) Existing research in the field 'Music as medicine'.

- Carry out a definition of 'music therapy' and 'sound'.

2) The available technologies / products / solutions / etc.

The results of the study will provide a scientific foundation that illuminates areas of knowledge and lack of the same within music interventions in health care, in terms of potentials for future research and business opportunities. The output will also be a useful tool for companies active in the field of "sound in health care" in relation to examine (1) whether there is a scientific basis for the idea and ( 2 ) whether the business idea is unique.

The project is a collaboration between Aarhus University, Sound Focus, DK Systems & Widex.