Below you can find reports and papers related to the foundation of the network and the different initiatives. 

Virtual Reality and the Senses. Virtual reality has seen a rapid development in the last couple of years, thanks to improvements in hardware and software technologies. Virtual reality research and development has mostly focused on visual feedback. However, virtual reality should be considered as a rich multimodal experience, where the representation and interaction between the different sensorial modalities play an important role.

Sound Innovation in South Korea - A mapping of South Korean companies and universities within the Sound and ICT industry This report is a follow up of the SOUND/ICT Innovation Camp, a successful first endeavour in South Korea arranged by the Danish Sound Innovation Network in conjunction with the official visit to South Korea by the then Minister of Higher Education and Science, Sofie Carsten Nielsen.

Danish Loudspeakers - 100 years Thursday, December 10 2015 is the exact day of the 100th year anniversary of the electrodynamic loudspeaker. 100 years earlier, on December 10, 1915, the Dane Peter Laurits Jensen and his partner Edwin Pridham presented their groundbreaking invention to the public in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The next day The San Francisco Bulletin published an enthusiastic article about the event: “Great invention made of Californians solves many problems. The slender tone of a single violin heard about a mile away. The sound operatic Luisa Tetrazzini’s voice reverberating throughout the stadium, and a piano solo resembling the chimes of Westminster Abbey played by Colossus of Rhodes”. The loudspeaker was born. To mark the historical day Danish Sound Innovation Network publishes a coffee table book entitled Danish Loudspeakers - 100 years. The book has been edited by DELTA and made with generous contributions from the Danish loudspeaker industry.

Danish Sound - A stronghold with a global outreach (2015) Brochure on Danish Sound created by the agency JS Danmark in collaboration with the secretariat and the advertisers: PointSource Acoustics, COWI, System Audio, G.R.A.S., midtconsult, EBB-consult, and Steinway Lyngdorf. The brochure is a branding tool for Danish Sound - the Danish Ecosystem as well as the innovation network - at home and abroad.

Danish Assistive Sound (2014). Report on Sound and Health in DACH. Innovation Project Report by collaboration of Innovation Centre Denmark, München and Danish Sound Innovation Network. Medical technology is one of the largest and most important segments in the German healthcare industry. This sector is characterised by a strong capacity for innovation and the long-term orientation of many small and medium sized family businesses. These two factors for success have transformed Germany’s medical technology into a globally recognised industry. 

Mapping of Chinese companies and universities within the sound sectors (2014)Danish Sound Innovation Network, Innovation Center Denmark in Shanghai and China Audio Industry Association have collaborated on a mapping of the primary Chinese players within sound technology. This mapping is meant to serve as a practical tool for companies in the Danish audio and sound technology sectors, seeking their way to initiate collaboration and engage themselves in China.

White paper on Music Intervention in Health Care (2014). The white paper is the result of an innovation project funded by the network, and provides an overview of existing research on the use of music in health care. The publication has been written by researchers from the University of Aarhus (Peter Vuust and Line Gebauer) with assistance from Widex, Sound Focus & DK Systems.

White Paper on External Warning Sounds for Electric Cars The report addresses external warning sounds for hybrid and electric vehicles. The purpose of adding external sound at low speeds is to minimize the risk from these quiet vehicles for pedestrians, cyclist and blind persons. The main perspective of the report is to describe signals and systems that minimizes the risk and causes as low noise pollution and annoyance as possible.

ICT RESEARCH IN DENMARK - Position Paper on Danish Sound Technology Research - The present paper is part of a series of position papers commissioned by and comprising the collective output of the DICTAT (Danish ICT Ambassador Taskforce) of DI-ITEK to establish a common frame of reference for present and future alignment of Danish ICT research with European research areas, policies and agendas. See the paper in the DI-ITEK layout.

Dansk fremstød på AES - Invitation. Sent to the members with the invitation to join a shared Danish booth at the AES Convention 2009.

Dansk Lydteknologi på festival - Invitation and project description. Sent to the members when we initiated the events on the festivals in Nibe and Roskilde 2009.

Dansk Lydteknologi - The application for the initial formation of the Danish Sound Innovation Network sent to the Danish Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation

Dansk lydteknologi - en global styrkeposition. Report from 2006 mapping Danish sound technology. It was part of the foundation for the application to the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.