Danish Sound Day 2015 - presentations and pitches

“How to succeed using innovation and network in business” - no slides
Martin Thorborg, Serial Entrepreneur, founder of Amino, Agera, Dinero.

“What’s the latest from Danish sound research?”
5 Science Pitches.

Erik Sikstrøm
Marie Højlund
Anna Lawaetz
Justyna Maculewiczv
Jens Madsen

“Nordic Dynamic - A dogma for superior sound recordings”
Peter Lyngdorf, Owner Steinway & Lyngdorf, Kim Rishøj, co-founder of TC Electronic and Sound Focus.

“100 Years of Sound”
Birger Schneider, VP, DELTA, Lone Nyhuus, Journalist.

“Who will continue the legacy?”
5 Startup Pitches. In collaboration with Growthfactory Copenhagen Sound.

Intelligent Headsets

“The sound of money - the audio industry is a Danish stronghold”
Søren Cajus, Senior Advisor DI ITEK.

“A digital paradox: Why Danish businesses may need to rethink their outlook and approach to digitalization”
Igor Knezevic, Senior Manager, Accenture Strategy.

“Funding Opportunities”
 Thomas Bjerre, Head of Press and Media, Innovationsfonden.