"South Korea" 

The Koreans have an enormous appetite for new technologies and applications, and a strong Consumer Electronics industry creates high potential for sound technology innovations. Therefore, the Danish Embassy in Seoul and Danish Sound Innovation Network organized a 5-day camp in January 2015 for selected Danish sound/ICT companies. Read more about the camp and the participants in the brochure here. The Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science also participated in the camp


"China since 2010" Articles, slides, press releases and news about Danish Sound's collaborators as well as the network's business endeavours in China 

The Chinese acoustics industry is undergoing a drastic change and many companies in China are investing large amounts of money and time to develop their R & D capabilities and upgrade their products. The Chinese players are looking for partners and when it comes to technological excellence, the Chinese are looking towards Denmark. Since the Danish companies and universities are at the front when it comes to acoustics and audio technology, Danish Sound Innovation Network has since 2010 been work towards strenghtening business relations in China, through various partnerships and strategic collaborations. 




"Brazil since 2012" Articles, reports, seminar videos and news about the development of Danish Sound's globalizations efforts in Brazil.

The network's report from the visit to Brazil in 2012, reveals several opportunities as well as challenges concerned with Pro Audio markets in Brazil. Another trip to Brazil was therefore organized in late 2013, in order to follow up on the knowledge-based export that has been set in motion. The site contains updates on the network's latest activities in Brazil.



"USA since 2009" Articles, video presentations, and press releases and news about the etwork's internationalization efforts in USA.

Since 2009 Danish sound has made efforts to open up for a platform for Danish and American audio technology companies and research institutions to meet and share ideas, and establish mutually beneficial partnerships. In late 2013 yet another Danish delegation of individuals from leading companies and research institutions, visited Silicon Valley.


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