Nyhedsbrev 24.09.10: Sound Quality seminar i samarbejde med ASIP-NET

Halvdagsseminar om modeller og målinger af "Sound Quality"
Mandag d. 11. oktober kl. 12.30 i Lynge

Seminaret er arrangeret af Audio Signal Processing Network in Denmark (ASIP-NET) i samarbejde med Netværk for Dansk Lydteknologi og IEEE Denmark Section og foregår på engelsk. Se programmet her

Arrangementet er gratis, og der er plads til 110 deltagere.

Registrering skal ske på www.asip-net.dk
(registreringen kræver et login/en profil, som er gratis)


"The ability to quantify sound quality is obviously imperative for signal processing engineers working in the audio field. In some applications, sound quality is the primary design goal: process the audio signal to provide the listener with a more pleasant sound. In other situations sound quality is not the main design objective, e.g., when the purpose of the processing is to enhance or suppress certain characteristics in a signal, compress it, transmit it, etc. In such applications, sound quality still plays a prominent role and in general one will try to meet the primary design criteria in such a way that processing artifacts are as small as possible.

Often one will resort to rely on one\'s own judgment, as listening tests are costly and time-consuming while in a development phase. Being able to take a more formal approach and use reliable models for assessing sound quality is highly desirable. In this seminar, a broad introduction to the topic \"sound quality\" will be given and subsequently models and measurements of speech and audio quality will be presented.

The seminar is intended to be relevant for engineers working with audio processing in such fields as mobile phones, headsets, VOIP and hearing aids"