Sound quality of balanced armature receivers in hearing aids

This project aims to improve the sound quality from balanced armature receivers in hearing aids. The project combines new knowledge about the balanced armature receivers with Delta Senselab's capabilities for audio quality testing. The performance of the receivers are tested on a set of representative application cases for hearing aids, and the influence of the nonlinearities are rated compared to the influence of the linear system response and other effects limiting the sound quality such as feedback. The results are documented in a report and will directly be applicable in the design process leading to optimal designs in terms of sound quality vs size, efficiency and maximum output, both for companies producing the transducers themselves and for producers of hearing aids.

Project participants:
Sonion A/S
Widex A/S
GN Resound
DELTA SenseLab

For more information, contact Project Leader:
Professor Finn Agerkvist
Technical University of Denmark, Electrical Engineering