VR Hackathon in Brussels

Virtual Reality (VR) is a major trend these years and Business Insider estimates that the number of shipments of VR headsets will grow by 99% annually between 2015 and 2020. It is also widely accepted that 3D / binaural sound is a crucial factor in order for the user to have a truly "immersive virtual experience". The technological development has its epicenter in Silicon Valley but the waves (and opportunities) are hitting the European shores. The Copenhagen-based Copenhagen VR + AR + 360 environment currently has an estimated 300 members from i.e. the gaming and film industries. Danish Sound will connect a Danish VR/Sound initiative to the European and global VR train in order to create new opportunities for startups and established companies in Denmark.

Join the VR Hackathon in Brussels
Danish Sound is sponsoring and partner of the VR Hackathon in Brussels organized by the trans-european VR initiative EUVR.org and has secured a number of tickets to interested Danish VR enthusiasts.  

The event takes place from January 15-17 2016. It is an exploratory environment where innovation and creative ideas are brought to life. The event brings together 'crowd sourced' knowledge for the promotion of virtual reality and complementary technologies. If you are tech developer, game programmer, UI / UX designer, sound designer, animator, storyteller, VR enthusiast or the like sign up and join us in creating solutions with virtual reality and other exciting technologies with peers from the rest of Europe. OBS: few tickets are left!

Click here for registration and more information. 

To lower transport costs as much as possible for Danish participants, Danish Sound organizes joint transportation in a tour bus that will depart from Copenhagen Thursday evening January 14 (with stops in Odense and Fredericia). During the trip there will be plenty of opportunities to network, demo, showcase, etc. with the other Danish participants. The price for roundtrip transportation is 67 EUR / 500 DKK.

Read more about the 'whole package' and details about the DK-VR HACK-BUS here.

If you are interested in learning more as regards potential participation, sponsorship or anything else contact Eske Bo Knudsen: eskn@dtu.dk or +45 21123566.

Event date: 
Friday, January 15, 2016