The effect of Integrated Listening (iLs) combined with Occupational Therapy counseling for children with autism

Children with autism often get referred to occupational therapists specialized in sensory processing. There is a need for intervention methods that can increase positive outcome for this challenged population.

The proposed study will examine the effectiveness of auditory intervention (iLs) combined with occupational therapy counseling. We will examine whether the methods combined have a beneficial effect on social behavior, sensory processing and motor skills in 5 children with autism. iLs include classical music acoustically modified to provide enhanced or filtered signals in certain frequencies, which has shown to enhance certain brainfunction.

Our goal is to reduce dysfunction of the participating children, provide knowledge of evidence based therapy for children with autism and promote growth in occupational therapy private businesses.Deliveries will be a documentation report, articles and presentations to promote improved services for children with autism.

Project participants:
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For more information, contact Project Leader:
Professor, Kristine M. Jensen De Lopez
Aalborg University, Department of Communication and Psychology