Innovation Projects

Danish Sound Network’s Innovation Projects opens the possibility for market- and development-oriented project ideas.

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Examples of Innovation Projects
An Innovation Project funded by Danish Sound Innovation Network could be, but are not limited to:

  • Application or adaptation of consortium partners’ existing research results in feasibility study to improve or add novel features to the companies’ products or services.
  • Dedicated training or competence building course/workshop, including joint experimentation with the aim of fostering innovation, e.g. in terms of eliciting novel solutions.
  • White or position paper on state-of-the-art research and possibilities within a specific domain of interest. This could also include a SWOT analysis w.r.t. to business possibilities.
  • Demonstration project utilizing existing demo-facilities of consortium partner and/or private companies.
  • Research based validation of existing methods or technologies to be published in scientific journals or at scientific conferences.

Danish Sound’s Innovation Projects are intended to foster innovation, i.e., the synergy of three factors: novelty, clear application & demand, and realizability. Funding opportunities will limit a typical project to approximately 2-6 months so real innovation impact is expected on longer time horizons only. However, to ensure impact, a clear project exit strategy is required. It is a required commitment from the partners to describe how the project results will be used e.g. in terms of internal company projects, new research or innovation projects, joint master or PhD projects, new joint funding applications, or the organization of a (semi-)public workshop/conference to disseminate results or attract more partners/collaborators.

Who can apply?
An application must at a minimum have three participating organizations: two private companies and one of Danish Sound’s consortium partners. Public organizations can participate and in general we encourage projects that include many relevant partners. The consortium partners are the formal project managers in relation to the network management. The consortium partners of Danish Sound are:

  • Technical University of Denmark
  • Aalborg University
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Aarhus University
  • FORCE Technology (GTS Institute, formerly DELTA)

Who can receive funding?
Danish Sound’s funding for innovation projects is only available for consortium partners. The funding can buy a certain amount of hours for researchers to spend on the project, but the funding is contingent upon 20 % co-financing of the total by the consortium partners. Co-financing is required from private companies in terms of 600 DKK per man-hour spent on the project and/or cash support, travel expenses and expenses related to use of equipment or facilities. The co-financing should at least match the amount allocated to consortium partners.

Application deadlines
It is possible to submit an application for an Innovation Project to Danish Sound three times annually:

Evaluation criteria
Danish Sound encourages broad projects (preferably with more than the minimum three participants of which two are private companies and one is a consortium partner).

  • Innovation height:
    The project’s possibility to foster innovation by synergizing three factors of innovation, viz. novelty, clear application & demand, and realizability.
  • Impact:
    A clear exit strategy should be evident from the application as well as the commercial and/or societal potential.
  • Feasibility:
    Is the project feasible with the suggested partners, roles, methods, materials/equipment, resources and time plan.


  • Unusual partnerships which e.g. includes partners from a broader value chain (university research, tech companies, content providers, design, marketing, etc.) that focuses on scalable and global solutions will be preferred (other criteria assessed to be equally fulfilled).
  • Projects that lead to further project funding and investments are preferred.
  • Partnerships that lead to internationalization (e.g. by including a foreign country private company) activities of participating consortium partner and/or private companies are encouraged.

The projects should preferably be conducted at a pre-competitive or non-competitive level to allow more than one private partner. Participants should also be prepared to accept that significant parts of the project results are going to be disseminated through the network. Project partners are encouraged to make a formal Collaboration Agreement (incl. specification about back-ground- and foreground knowledge rights) before the initiation of the project.

Application Guidelines

The application must use the Innovation Project Application Form. Download it.

A lean procedure is adopted to ensure minimum administration and the Innovation Project Application Form. However, the secretariat may contact you in order to clarify content or suggest changes. If there are questions in the form you cannot answer feel free to contact the network secretariat for more information.