Danish Sound Cluster is established in 2009 with the aim of connecting start-ups, established companies and knowledge institutions within the Danish Sound industry.

We facilitate knowledge sharing, foster innovation and promote Danish Sound both as a brand and as an industry – to network members, collaboration partners, authorities, and policy makers in Denmark and the rest of the world.


​Denmark is a globally recognized hub for sound – capable of hosting, developing, and retaining a diverse and complex landscape of innovative companies and skillsets. Start-ups, world-renowned brands, and highly advanced sound labs have all made their home here because of a unique culture of sound innovation.

​Alongside the development of global trends in technology, innovation and manufacturing, a new and different culture within sound innovation found the perfect conditions, took root and grew into something quite unique. Companies relied on their own ingenuity and matured into what is now a highly successful business, independent of the global tech giants.

​Denmark’s smallness became its strength, as the best and the brightest are never far apart. Small and agile production units that are willing to make mistakes and accept the inherent inefficiency that innovation also entails, combined with the fact that collaboration and knowledge sharing have been part of Danish Sound’s innovation DNA for more than a century – long before they became corporate concepts – has enabled us to secure a strong position worldwide.

​The sound industry contributes to the Danish Design tradition of focusing on human centred design. Design is never an afterthought but always an integral part of the development process. Danish companies focus on limited edition products, sublime user-driven functional design, unique solutions and customized luxury items that do not always belong on mass-producing conveyor belts.

​Due to its agile production methods, the Danish Sound industry has been able to maintain unparalleled high standards as well as a highly skilled workforce, which in turn has resulted in Danish Sound becoming a globally recognized scientific and technological stronghold.

​This unique culture has established Denmark as an epicentre for sound innovation and it has generated the foundation for growth, new talents and companies alike.


​A central role for the network since its start in 2009 has been to connect the many different business areas within sound technology and create interdisciplinary dynamics with a focus on innovative technological solutions. Sound technology products and services are broadly characterized by the fact that sound is a key part of the problem or the solution.

In order to ensure that all network activities are directed at areas with sufficient critical mass, efforts have been focused on five positions of strength, where Denmark either has a strong position in research and/or business or a strong foundation for new research and development. The five positions of strength, developed in collaboration with key stakeholders from academia and industry, are: