Another impressive line-up at the SoundTech accelerator

Another impressive line-up at the SoundTech accelerator in Sound Hub Denmark

Sound Hub Denmark and Accelerace have just launched round two of the SoundTech Accelerator Program. This time with 50 applicants – versus 30 last time. Eleven talented startups from all over the world have been selected to join the 6-month tailormade program.

International diversity
“We have an extremely powerful group this time with a high diversity in business areas and the way they focus on sound”, explains CEO at Sound Hub Denmark Peter Petersen. “It’s been exceptionally hard to deselect among the applicants, as they all have a really strong case. We selected 11 participants for this round to keep the number at a manageable level, and hope some of the ones that did not make it this time, will apply again.”

The startups are:

Pibox is a community platform for people in audio, sound, and music. Instead of having to work across many platforms and in many tools with Pibox managers, artists and producers can share ideas, upload mixes, and receive feedback in real time on one platform. Pibox is from Finland and is already used by producers for Beyonce, Lil Wayne, and Lady Gaga among others.

Generics from Beirut produces custom made tips for your standardized earbuds made of soft, medical-grade silicone that doesn’t cause irritation. The earbuds are made by scanning your ear with an app, then the picture is processed and the buds 3D-printed to enhance sounds, comfort, and grip.

Absolute Zero has designed a brand new 3D 360 camera to create VR content in the highest quality. With its cameras, drones, and cloud-based platform the startups wants to create an infrastructure for the media content of tomorrow.

Auricle is a novel technology that sends sound waves in the form of vibrations directly to the human skull and allows users to be completely aware of their surroundings. It is a personal audio electronics device to promote awareness, communication, safety, hearing and fun in everyday life situations.

EAVE wants to change how the world hears to prevent workers from Noise Induced Hearing Loss. Eave has designed and built the world’s first noise mapping, monitoring, and dosimetry system, fully integrated into a Bluetooth ear defender.

Ai Highway is a global team of medical professionals, signal processing engineers, data scientists, and clinicians. The startup has built an acoustic device that can screen, detect and predict heart disorders using state-of-the-art signal processing and AI capabilities.

More than one billion people have permanent hearing damage in the form of a daily noise or a ringing in their ears. But they don’t use earplugs because they are not comfortable, they reduce audio quality, and they are not seen as a part of an outfit. Whether you are enjoying a live concert, sports game or travel by airplane, earplugs from Wavy lowers the volume with 16 dB to protect your hearing from ambient noise without changing the sound.

OKTO has developed a wireless, data-driven variable acoustics system to allow multifunctional performance halls and studios to offer truly optimal acoustics for any type of event. Whether the room is going to be used for giving lectures, playing symphonic, rhythmical or electronic music, our goal has been to make it possible to adjust the acoustical properties of any room to obtain a beautiful and clear acoustic soundscape.

GigsGuide helps travelers find inspiration for their next trip by showing them where their favorite artists will be playing. Type in your favorite band or genre, plot in the nearest airport and your preferred travel dates, and GigsGuide provides you with a list and a map of concerts in the time you’re traveling along with flight and tickets prices so you can find your next destination.