Danish Sound Award & Danish Sound Ambassador

This year we have two different prizes: Danish Sound Award (Dansk Lydpris) and Danish Sound Ambassador. The prizes are presented in a collaboration between Struer Lydens By and Danish Sound Network.

Danish Sound Award

The purpose of the Danish Sound Award is to focus on Danish sound as an international position of strength as well as on the innovative companies and individuals that is part of the Danish Sound ecosystem.

The criteria for the award
The Danish Sound Award is given to one or more who have reconsidered the use and understanding of sound, or have otherwise further developed and thus contributed to the maintenance of Denmark’s position as a leader in the audio domain.

The recipient can be a company, artist, knowledge institution / researcher or something else that has led us to look at new ways of using sound – and / or which has done something very special to put sound on the international map.

We need your input !
Everyone has the opportunity to submit the names of the candidates who they believe should be nominated for this year’s Danish Sound Award.

Names of candidates are submitted to info@lydensby.dk with a brief justification based on the criteria above.

The Board of Directors at Danish Sound Network selects 3 nominated candidates from the list of nominated candidates, one of whom is selected to receive this year’s Danish Sound Award. All three candidates will be announced.

The deadline for submitting names of potential candidates is September 25.

Danish Sound Ambassador

The Danish Sound Ambassador award is given to a person who is not part of the danish sound industry, but use sound as a big part of his/her job or life. The criteria is pretty simple: The winner has to be the perfect ambassador for sound and the danish sound industry.

The Danish Sound Ambassador award winner is selected by the Board of Danish Sound Network and we will announce the winner 2 weeks prior to Danish Sound Day.

Previous winners of Danish Sound Award

The Danish Sound Award has previously been awarded to:

• Peter Lyngdorf, 2015
• Flemming Madsen and Jan Voetmann, 2016
• Peter Vuust, 2017
• Jan Larsen, 2018