Jarnail Chudge

Design and Innovation Architect at Microsoft AI + Research

Adventures with Microsoft Soundscape
Microsoft Soundscape uses 3D spatial audio to promote a person’s mobility and independence by enhancing their awareness of their surroundings by calling out landmarks and points of interest from where they actually are. As such, Soundscape can be considered a map which is delivered in 3D sound to augment a person’s experience through audio. Soundscape can function as your main wayfinding system, but it can also work in the background and provide you with effortless ambient awareness. This provides a greater sense of empowerment and choice and allows each and every one of us to be able enjoy the outdoors with greater confidence and less stress. This talk will go into what Soundscape is and how it works, cover the lessons we have learnt since release and describe the various ways in which people are using it every day across a range of different activities.

About Charnail Chudge
Jarnail Chudge is a Design and Innovation Architect at Microsoft AI + Research where he drives the work of the Enable team on Microsoft Soundscape which uses 3D spatial audio and on Hands-Free which uses eye-control technology. Jarnail’s primary focus is to design, develop, and deliver empowering and inclusive experiences which are sustainable, enhance human awareness, and augments a person’s intelligence by amplifying it and allowing the space to create and develop new skills and capabilities.