Kim G. Hansen

Podcast and radioproducer at Radio 24syv, Board member of Center for Podcasting.

The importance of sound quality in next-generation podcasting
We live in an age of audio. At last count, there were 700,000 podcasts worldwide competing for our attention. And the numbers of people listening are rising sharply. What do podcast offer that we don’t find in other media? It’s a democratic space, and new tech has allowed everyone to produce and publish. But production value, and especially sound quality is important if you want to rise above this vast ocean of pods. This talk will outline the many forms and concepts emerging now in podcasting. And focus on why sound quality is crucial when you want to engage your listeners, and get them to keep listening.

About Kim G. Hansen
Kim G. Hansen is a board member of Center For Podcasting – an interest group for podcast producers. He is also head of production at Danish nationwide broadcaster Radio 24syv, working on features, documentaries and podcast series. Previously, he has worked in almost all fields of sound as both technician, producer and commissioning editor.
Also a recording artist and composer of modern electro-acoustic music, with several critically acclaimed releases to his name. Not to mention two-times winner of the Danish pinball championship. Born in Denmark in 1964.



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