Liselotte Lyngsø

Futurist and founding partner at Future Navigator

Spot the Future of Sound & Shape It
We all have a futurist inside of us. What really matters is whether you can and will shape it. Liselotte will start by looking at the future trends in sounds – those that will be driving markets and decisions soon. She, will then help you develop the mindset of a futurist so that you can see the sound trends specific to your audience or customers. She will give you techniques so that you may see opportunities and creative solutions where others see problems and challenges. It is about training your future muscles, practicing trend-spotting and translating your new-found knowledge into perspectives that create direction and value. In this session you will learn many new techniques and methods to become your own futurist.

When developing the future, the most important competence is to stay curious.  Look forward to being inspired!

Questions that you will get an answer to:

  • Why do you need to spot changes in society?
  • When will the future arrive?
  • What will happen in the meeting between people, sound and new technologies

About Liselotte Lyngsø
Liselotte Lyngsø is futurist and founding partner at Future Navigator. In her previous life, Liselotte was the Managing Director of Fahrenheit 212 – An Ideas Company owned by Saatchi & Saatchi. Before that, she worked at IKEA’s scenario planning devision and for 8 years she was Director of Research at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS). Prior to that, Liselotte worked at the European Commission’s Forward Studies Unit. Liselotte was born in Denmark in 1970. She has an M.Phil. in Economics and Politics from St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University, UK, and she speaks Scandinavian, English and French).