Mixing Baltic Reality (MBR)


Mixing Baltic Reality will leverage a cluster-to-cluster collaboration platform as well as an effective and well-proven matchmaking tool in connection to a number of 360/VR/AR/MR conferences. Check out the platform here

The project is a collaboration project under the BSR Innovation Express supporting internationalization of SME’s, and the core partners behind the initiative are Danish Sound Network (DK), Media Evolution (SE), Turbiini Arabiaranta (FI), and Enterprise Europe Network. Through this project Danish Sound Network will work to leverage Danish audio/sound competences in international collaborations and projects within the area of 360/VR/AR/MR. The effort supports Danish Sound Network’s strategic effort to promote “Digital and Creative Sound Solutions” as an important focus area that covers research and development of innovative solutions using sound and ICT technologies and competences from the creative industry to foster new solutions in digital media, experience, edutainment, education, communication, robotics, internet of things, big data, and cultural heritage. As regards mixed reality (360/VR/AR) the area of interest is immersive audio, i.e., binaural, spatial, and 3D audio.


  • MBRs primary objective is to provide value for SMEs, working on gaining traction in Denmark and abroad in a highly competitive emerging industry.
  • MBR is also a continuation of VRSound (BSR 2015) phase 4 activities, which was not realizable within the 1-year project period. Instead of preparing a H2020 application, this MBR application is pursued, with the objective to secure commitment and close collaboration with strategic relevant clusters, share best practices, and raise competences.
  • Lastly, MBR also has an objective to benefit from Danish Sound’s position in the NEM Initiative’s Club-of-Clusters and a coming ESCP for “digital and creative transformation”, due to participation in CECIL (H2020 COSME 2016-18).



01-01-2017 – 30-06-2018


Kristian Krämer, Network Manager, kk@danishsound.org, 26123300


Media Evolution (SE),
Turbiini Arabiaranta (FI)
Enterprise Europe Network