Pilot Project 2018


In this project, Danish Sound Network and Innovation Centre Denmark, Seoul explore the development of a new high impact internationalization activity as well as a new sustainable and scalable model for collaboration between ICDKs and Innovation Networks. Firstly, to develop a series of value adding internationalization activities to the benefit of DSN’s members, while testing a number of assumptions in terms of improving impact. Secondly, to investigate, develop, and test a new model for sustainable collaboration between Innovation Centre Denmark and National Innovation Networks with focus on aligning strategies, improving lead generation and flow, and leveraging existing services and available instruments. Lastly, to test the scalability of the lessons learned and testing the newly suggested model


  • Better understanding and insight into new foreign market, matchmaking with new possible commercial/scientific partners, knowledge sharing.
  • New ICDK/Innovation Network strategic collaboration model.
  • Access to new international commercial/scientific partners and broadened networks, strengthened presence/visibility in a new foreign market, preparation of RDI projects, establishment of new commercial contacts with foreign SME’s/Conglomerates/Research Institutions, new ICDK/Innovation Network internationalization service.
  • Tested/validated new internationalization service, tested new ICDK/Innovation Network strategic collaboration model.



01-01-2018 – 31-12-2018


Kristian Krämer, Network Manager, kk@danishsound.org, 26123300


Innovation Centre Denmark Seoul