Project Description


One Stop Sound Consultancy

Audiowise is a specialized sound consultancy, which can simultaneously increase sales and brand value for our clients via a patent pending intelligent audio marketing tools.

Audiowise develops Sound Strategies, Sound Identities and total Sound Solutions for corporate companies resulting in increased sales, increased brand value,Stronger memorablity, stronger recognition, differentiation and retention. We are a fact- based firm and have a scientific approach to sound development giving access to speak directly to the end users’ subconscious.

Audiowise has solid experience and unique methology in creating and optimizing Sound Design. We create high quality sound design for luxury brands and products, that also has a unique familiarity carefully adapted to certain moods and messages. Audiowise is one of a few strategic sound consultancies, that can carry the entire design-process: from research and concept development, to production of sound designs, technical set-up to implementation and continuous service and support.

Objectives & Value:
  • Easy and simple way to create familiarity across electronic media. Using a unique, recognizable sound design for the product that enhances the user experience of the product.
  • We create strong memorability – Your customers will learn to recognize you solely on the unique sound that you use.
  • Get more value for money with a consistent, recognizable and durable sound design that can be easily versioned both to audiences and the media.
Audiowise Team:

Audowise consist of our main team og specialist in Denmark and Asia. We has an extended global network of partners and professionals, that we derive from depending on the case. This means we can always deliver high quality and high return on investment for our clients and make sure your that your brand voice sounds right – every time, and is consistent in its sonic expression also in global perspective.


Address: Bukkeballevej 16, DK-2960 Rungsted Kyst