Project Description

Danesian Audio


Danesian Audio is based on the foundation of Danish engineers with many years of experience from the audio industry. We are a technology driven company constantly striving to push the boundaries of the technology and processes.

To achieve this we employ advanced tools such as 3D CAD, FEA tools and high class measurement solutions. We believe that, despite the advanced tools, the human ear is the most critical and important tool to be used in our development process.

We are spending a signifcant amount of time evaluating the products in our specially designed and built listening room.


For doing reliable measurements we have designed and built our own non-reflective measurement chamber.

To obtain an efficient development process we have our own workshop facility to be able to machine and tool parts for protype development.

We are a group of individuals, each contributing with our special skills and experience and together we form a versatile team that can accomodate the requirements of leading manufactures in the audio industry.


We are working together with leading manufactures of loud speaker drive units to develop and manufacture acoustic transducers for the highend audio industry and the automotive industry.

We have developed a series of platform transducers and are also working closely together with customers developing OEM and ODM transducers to their requirements.


It has been a life long passion working with system design and development and with our experience and knowledge we can offer to do complete system development including industrial design.


We are striving to push the boundaries of acoustics and to achieve this in the most efficient way we do multi physics simulation. By using advanced acoustical modeling and simulation we are able to optimize the development process.

The use of simulation can eliminate several sample steps. With the combination of advanced 3D modeling and multi physic simulation we are optimizing geometries and material compositions to obtain improved response and performance With optimized suspension we can obtain better symmetry and obtain improved power performance.


Address: Sandgaardsvej 31 Birk, DK-7400 Herning