Project Description


Odeon A/S develops and distributes the room acoustic simulation and measurement software – ODEON. The ODEON software is used world-wide for prediction and measurements of room acoustics and PA-systems in Concert and Opera halls, Theatres, Worship spaces, Sports stadiums, Open-plan offices, Foyers, Restaurants, Music studios, Underground and Railway stations, Airport terminals, Industrial environments, and Outdoor areas with complicated geometry.

Results come as acoustic parameters, sound mapping, binaural or surround sound auralisation allowing you to analyse results with your ears or present “soundscapes” of future rooms to customers.

The Odeon company was established in Denmark in 1984.

Learn more about Odeon on – or watch the presentation video below to get to know Odeon.



Address: Diplomvej, Building 381, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby