Project Description

Sound Hub Denmark A/S

Sound Hub Denmark is a unique international sound innovation co-working, learning, development and makerspace with world class measuring and test facilities offered together with associated international mentors, experts and research partners. The hub is aimed at startups, SME’s, corporate teams, knowledge institutions, investors and talent scouters within the field of sound, audio and acoustics.

Partners in Sound Hub Denmark include leading global key players within the international audio industry; Bang & Olufsen, Harman Lifestyle, Aalborg University and Danish Sound Network. Sound Hub Denmark wants to create an inspiring foundation for innovation, growth and jobs for companies and individuals to become world-class within their field that are able to attract key investors. Sound Hub Denmark will also work to attract teams or departments from existing companies working with sound innovation and development, who can benefit from being a part of this hub for sound innovation, tech competences and emerging talents.

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Sound Hub Denmark
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