Project Description


Soundbranding, branding with sense….

“You can close your eyes, but you cannot close your ears”, Birgitte Rode

Soundbranding was founded in 2001 in the name Audio Management.
Soundbranding has managed to become the leading Scandinavian sound branding agency. In 2017, we entered into a partnership with the world leading and award winning French sound branding agency, Sixieme Son. Together with our French partner, we have the strongest team with company departments in Chicago, New York, Scandinavia, Russia, France and Spain. Besides, we are connected to a large number of representatives in the territories where we are not established with company departments, as in India, China, Mexico, Brazil e.g.

We are world leading and award winning and our company is solely dedicated to sound branding and sound design. Our permanent team consist of 30 people with 22 sound branding consultants and 6 sound designers.

Sound and music has always played an important role for Soundbranding.
Our Company´s success story started helping Bang & Olufsen to manage their sound and music in various touchpoints, in products, in the retail division and online. Together with Bang & Olufsen, we developed our methodology to develop the Bang & Olufsen Corporate Sound Identity.

With the creation of a complete sound identity for Martin Lindstrom’s launch of his book BRANDsense back in 2003, we changed our name from Audio Management to Soundbranding and the international success was established. Martin Lindstrom’s Corporate Sound Identity at his talk shows, together with the release of the book and the DVD´s BRANDsense, on his websites and on his video channel on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Since then there has been an increasing attention, interest and demand for our services. We are proud to mention that we have designed sound and music for a number of global, international – and national brands.

Our clients cases ranges from producing sound design for navigation systems, alarm signals and ringtones for products like Motorola, B&O (Bang & Olufsen), SNCF (The national French railroads) to holistic sound branding solutions for a large number of global companies ranging from Renault, Coca Cola, Michelin, Peugeot, to national brands in various countries.

With a combined expertise in sound engineering, music and sound recording, sound design, music composition, sound and music production, branding and marketing. We can provide and guarantee high quality solutions in any kind of service that contains sound and music.

We are helping our clients in every aspect of the use of sound. We create complete corporate sound identities including product sound, adaptions for videos, analyses and tests.

Our company and our most experienced experts have a background in sound design and sound production for products. Their experience reach back to the design of the earliest ringtones for cell and landline phones, recordings of voice over for tele software and production of a number of Sound Identities for companies, including sound signature, sound design and music for call centres, video adaptions e.g.

We are experienced in working with engineers and we can provide tests concerning acoustics, noise and vibration. Our sound branding consultants are educated and experienced in understanding client needs and handling client solutions. Depending on the nature of the task, our consultants will help you to get the maximum result of your efforts, and we can assure you that the result will be of the highest professional standard.

Besides our consultancy team our sound designers, producers and composers are trained and experienced in creation of both useful, unique and recognisable sound design.


Address: Mylius Erichsens Allé 5, DK-2900 Hellerup