Project Description

Voetmann Akustik

Voetmann • Acoustics is an independent advisory unit with special focus on room acoustics, audio, and hearing problems. It was formed in 2008 by Jan Voetmann.

Prior to that Jan Voetmann was a senior technology specialist at DELTA Danish Electronics, Light and Acoustics, with more than 40 years as an acoustical consultant for theatres, cinemas, concert halls, multi-purpose halls, clubs, control rooms etc.

Relevant assignments: Danish National Gallery; Mogens Dahl Chamber Music Hall; Alfredo Kraus Concert Hall; Danish Radio and over 200 THX-cinemas in Spain.

Co-originator of the Danish Tonmeister Education (1997) and of the Danish Sound Innovation (today Danish Sound Network) (2009)


Address: Forhåbningsholms Allé 2, DK-1904 Frederiksberg