Project Description

Women in Live Music

Women in Live Music (WILM) is a European platform and online community for women working in live music. This includes women working all sorts of roles behind the scene: Sound Engineers, Tour Managers, Lighting Designers, Riggers, Backliners, Stage Managers, Stagehands and many more!

The reason we highlight women is because they still only make up a very small percentage of the music industry, but we can’t change this without the support from everyone so we welcome every gender to join us here!

Please check out our Events, where we got workshops and meet ups throughout Europe. (Everyone is welcome to attend these events)

We welcome all women working in the live music industry to join our Crewlist!
With this list we hope to make it easier for bands, booking agencies, companies etc to find a female crewmember – whether she has to be a backliner from France or a merch seller in Germany. We hope that you find this tool useful.
The crewlist is not just for job opportunities, but can also be used for networking. If you happen to be touring through Europe and would like to meet others from this organisation – Or if you have any concern about a tour you are going out on, then use the list to find other members in the region you are heading for!

As we are a new organisation, we are currently looking to recruit new representatives. Please contact us if you wish to become a local or group representative. Right now we are looking for all groups, but especially for female backliners and riggers!




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