It makes perfect sense to choose Torben Vilsgaard to head Danish Sound Cluster, a new business and knowledge cluster for sound companies. With a background from Bang & Olufsen, Ericsson and venture capital and business promotion, he has all the tools he needs to meet this new challenge. Add to this his great passion for building loudspeakers.

Torben Vilsgaard joins a new setup in Struer, from where he is to coordinate the establishment of a new cluster for the Danish sound industry. Although with headquarters in Struer, his workplace will be all over Denmark.

He brings knowledge and a dedicated passion for sound with him. He started his work life as a development engineer at Bang & Olufsen in Struer. So, when he steps in the door of his new office, at the innovation centre Sound Hub Denmark, it is only a stone’s throw from the Bang & Olufsen headquarters, and he’s back where he started his career.

”This job had my name on it. Here I can apply all my experience within business development in an area that is close to my heart.”

– states Torben Vilsgaard, who comes from a position as director of Denmark’s largest local business network, Silkeborg Business.

Danish Sound Cluster is one of the 14 business clusters appointed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science last fall. Although the sound cluster is referred to as a ‘budding’ cluster, there is no doubt that Denmark and sound are closely connected. The Danish sound industry represents more than 30,000 jobs and a turnover of approx. 40 billion DKK a year.

The creation of innovation activities that contribute to the development of the Danish sound industry and more jobs is the main goal for this new sound cluster. Torben Vilsgaard and his team will head this development.

The chairman of the Danish Sound Cluster, Søren Bech explains why Torben Vilsgaard was chosen for the job:

”Torben has shown impressive results in the creation of the business network in Silkeborg, so we could see he had all the tools and qualifications we were looking for. He also has an extensive network and understands how to deal with the political system, which is essential if we’re going to succeed.”

– Søren Bech adds that it is an extra plus that the new director also has a passion for what it’s all about: namely sound.

Besides a secretariat in Struer, there will also be departments in Lyngby.

For questions or further information, please contact:
Torben Vilsgaard, director, phone +45 2926 0000 – mail
Søren Bech, chairman phone +45 3093 0243 – mail