The Sound of Smart and Livable Cities


What role can sound play in developing new solutions in the next smart and liveable city?
The project is a cluster collaboration under the BSR Innovation Express supporting internationalization of SME’s. In the project, Danish Sound Network has joined forces with Gate21 Silent City initiative to promote increased awareness of the role sound plays in creating better lives in urban environments and thereby creating new opportunities for Danish SME’s working with urban and smart city solutions. The project has three primary activities: 1) developing strategic relations with relevant international clusters within smart/liveable city agendas, particularly by joining the SmartCityTech Partnership; 2) creating political awareness of the issues of sound and noise in a smart city context; 3) organizing delegation trips and matchmaking activities in connection with Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 and Nordic Edge Expo.


  • SSLC’s primary objective is to provide value for SMEs, working on gaining traction in Denmark and abroad in a difficult market characterized by being public and driven by political decisions.
  • SSLC also has the objective to build close relationships with strategically relevant international clusters and cities in order to raise awareness, share best practices, raise competences, and not least look for H2020 funding opportunities that can benefit SMEs, researchers and citizens.
  • Lastly, SSLC has an objective to raise awareness among national and international stakeholders about the noise challenge and sound solutions related to the smart/liveable city agenda



01-01-2018 – 30-06-2019


Kristian Krämer, Network Manager,, 26123300


Gate 21 (Silent City), Kirstine Hjorth Lorensen, Programleder
IBECCnet (SmartCityTech) (Contact Danish Sound Network)